About The Founders


Organature was founded by Peter and Maureen Byl in 2004. They had previously worked for many years in a family business, manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing bed linen, bedding and curtains.

In 1993 Peter was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Testing showed the predominant cause of his illness to be the out-gassing of chemicals from the fabric used in the workplace and the overall work environment.

There is no total cure for this strange ailment which can strike anyone at any time; many people are already allergic to perfumes due to the chemicals they contain! To-date the only recognised remedy and precaution is ‘Avoidance of Chemicals’. This is not only to the chemicals to which you are known to be affected, but also to other chemicals as these can cause the ‘domino’ effect on people with M.C.S.

This ailment can happen to anyone. Because you need your rest without effects of chemicals, it is most important to avoid formaldehyde treated bedlinen and the other chemicals which they contain. Conventional cotton sheets often contain formaldehyde to make them ‘Non-iron’, ‘Easy care’, ‘Wrinkle free’, ‘ Permanently pressed’, ‘Flame proof’ and many other fancy names.

Due to Peter’s ill health, the family business closed. As a consequence Peter and Maureen have made massive changes to their lifestyle and to their home environment – all for the better. Improvements in Peter’s health, due to these changes, combined with past knowledge and experience, enabled him to start Organature and to produce this exclusive range of organic bedroom, bathroom and nursery products to help others who have chemical sensitivities and allergies.

Maureen and Peter are proud to offer you a higher quality and healthier textile product.

About The Products


Some of the naturally produced fabrics, fillings, bedding, manchester and clothing in the Organature range, are made from exclusive Australian Organic Cotton, grown by non-toxic methods and using only that water which falls directly from the sky – pure fresh rainwater! This makes them even more highly sought after by those who care for the future health of our children, the environment and our planet.

To minimise Peter’s exposure to the harmful chemicals that were making him sick, we searched for ‘CERTIFIED’ organic cotton products for the bedroom, and a company in the Netherlands able to supply rolls of certified organic cotton fabrics, was located.

Importing the fabrics to make the products in Australia was the most economical option. Raw cotton including the cotton filling in imported toys, quilts, mattress protectors and pillows is mandated to be fumigated when it arrives in Australia; that is another harmful chemical.

Our fabrics and fillings are NOT fumigated and we do NOT use fire retardants.

Organature bedlinen products are packed in cellophane, NOT plastic or plastic that looks like cellophane. Quilts pillows and mattresses are packed in bags made from our organic cotton Aus-Satin Poplin, ideal to be used for storage. Organic cotton and cellophane are natural materials, they are bio-degradable, and when used or worn out, can go into your compost.

Our experience and the way we control all aspects of the fabrics we have woven for us, the products we manufacture ourselves and those we have made especially for us, we can now offer YOU the BEST in Organic quality and price….without contamination from outside sources.

We hope our products will improve the quality of your life.

Proudly Made In Organature’s Own Sewing Room

Shop 1/107 Marine Parade
San Remo 3925 Victoria
Phone: (03) 5678 5444

About The Fabrics


We import our own fabrics which unfortunately cannot be made in Australia as there is no equipment to produce these fine yarns or weave the better quality fabrics that we use for our linen and other bedding.

To keep the carbon footprints at it lowest we import from Indonesia, not India and certainly not China!

Our mattresses, quilts and pillows are the only ones in Australia which are filled with Australian Organic Cotton; these products are made in Australia under contract to our clean and organic specifications from the materials we supply.

Our 100% Organic cotton towels are also made for us in Indonesia. A large percentage of the organic cotton used in those is Australian.

All bedlinen and other bedding products are made in Australia in our own sewing rooms under strict clean conditions; the walls are painted with natural organic paint, the cutting table is Australian hardwood, we do not use chipboard or MDF, we are a family business and none of its’ members use chemical fragrances, personal care products or perfumes.

We follow the European certification standard, not the American which allows certain chemicals to be used in fabrics, such as very white fabrics, which are not allowed in Europe.

Some Organic cotton bedlinen is imported and sold in Australia which contains these chemicals. This is possible because there is no textile certification in Australia.

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