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Organic Cotton Fabrics

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All of Organature’s exclusive cotton fabrics are produced from the finest yarn and especially popular with the home sewing enthusiast. These fabrics are also suitable for curtains.

Organature is the Official Australian Agent for Organic Cotton Fabrics from Indonesia.

Fabrics Available Cut Length and By The Roll

  • Org-Satin Poplin 285cm wide
  • Org-Suede Flannel 150cm wide 200 gsm
  • Org-Suede Flannel 150cm wide 280 gsm
  • Org-Jersey 175cm wide 150 gsm
  • Org-Light Ribbing 155cm wide 170 gsm
  • Org-Terry 90cm wide 500 gsm
  • Org-Carded cotton (please contact us for further info)
  • Org-Denim. Dark Blue Slub Denim 3/1 Twill
  • Org-Fleece Sweater 190cm wide 310 gsm
  • Org-Calico 115gsm 300cm wide
  • Please Contact Us for prices and FREE Catalogue and Sample Swatches.

    Org-Satin Poplin Range

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    Our Org-Satin Poplin is available in these special colours.

    • Oxy Bleached ‘White’
    • Low impact dyed ‘Pink’
    • Low impact dyed ‘Sky Blue’
    • Low impact dyed ‘Green Tea’

    About The Colour Of Our Products

    Organic certification allows certain biodegradable, low impact dyes to be used when producing fabrics. This certification allows oxy, hydrogen peroxide bleach to provide the whiteness to the fabrics. ‘Ultra White’ chamical is NOT used on our fabrics.

    For those who like to have white or to see a bit of colour in their bedroom, we have introduced these oxygen bleached and SAFELY dyed bed linen to our range.

    Read the full story about The Colour Of Our Products.

    Organic Natural Poplin Range

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    Our Organic Poplin range is made from Australian Organic cotton and natural in colour, using no bleach and no dye.

    Unless otherwise stated, the colour of this fabric is “natural”, (similar to calico).

    Washing will whiten the fabric over a period of time.

    Washing in chemical detergents will bleach these natural fabrics quickly…but we do NOT recommend the use of these chemical detergents as they will destroy the “organic” nature of the products.

    Our Organic Natural Poplin is available as…

    • …plain sheets
    • …plain pillowcases
    • …lace trimmed sheets
    • …lace trimmed pillowcases
    • …quilt covers

    Organic Cotton Denim Range

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    Heavy duty, dark blue Organic Cotton Denim, fondly called ‘Bed Jeans’.

    A distinct and stylish bedroom alternative for the young and the young at heart.

    Our Organic Cotton Denim is available as…

    • …Quilt Covers in all sizes.
    • …Standard pillowcases.
    • …Curtains? Yes, simply measure the track or window width then the drop, send us the details and we can get back to you with a quote.
    • …Fabric also available by the meter.

    Org-Suede Flannel Range

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    A beautifully soft Organic cotton flannel which has a lightly brushed suede finish, ideal for those colder nights.

    Unlike “flannelette” our organic cotton will not fluff or Pull out of shape.

    Our flannel is natural in colour and contains no bleaches or dyes.

    Our Org-Suede Flannel is available as…

    • …fitted sheets
    • …flat sheets
    • …pillowcases
    • …quilt covers