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Genuine Organic Cotton Futons For A Better Sleep


The healthiest sleep you can have is on an Organature futon – the only genuine *Organic Cotton Futon manufactured in Australia.

Made from the highest quality organic ingredients and in a clean safely controlled environment away from any chemical contaminants, you couldn’t ask for a healthier bed to wake up on.

The essential foundation of an Organature futon is pure *100% Certified Organic Cotton fabrics and filling.

*Organic Flannel Fabric Covering Futon Certified By CU, No 806967

When combined with an organic cotton futon mattress protector, attractive and stylish natural organic cotton bed linen, fluffy organic cotton pillows, warm organic quilt and a soft cotton blanket, the chances of feeling noticeable health benefits are even higher…babies tend to sleep better, children tend to sleep soundly, allergy sufferers tend to wake feeling better, and you’ll tend to have a good sleep too.

See the organic bedding and bed linen product list for more ideas.

The Organic Cotton Futon

Futons and futon covers come in a range of sizes to suit every member of the family.You can buy from the large king and queen sized futon beds for adults, middle sized single or king single for teens and children to the smallest bassinet and cot size futons for baby.

Special sizes may be produced for baby Bassinet, Cradle, Pram and Cot futons on request. Contact us for further details.

(See below for a full list of sizes and measurements).

Inside each futon are many layers of soft Certified Organic Cotton wadding which creates firm and healthy support for your back, encouraging a healthy and relaxing nights sleep. It has then been covered with Organatures’ exclusive ‘Org-Suede Flannel’ certified organic cotton fabric which has ‘Control Union’ certification.

The Futon & Your Health


Organic cotton futons breathe, which helps eliminate moisture retention and allows the mattress to remain dry or to dry quickly, thus avoiding the possibility of mould or mildew developing.

This ‘breathing’, together with the soft Suede Certified Organic Flannel fabric covering also reduces dust mite problems (these annoying and allergy causing little creatures prefer warm, moist conditions).

An organic futon retains its clean natural state, allowing skin to breathe which encourages a deeper and more restful nights sleep. Your family will thank you for it!

Futon Sizes

Single (91 x 190cm) …. Double (137 x 190cm)
Queen (152 x 203cm) …. King (183 x 203cm)
Single Long (91 x 203cm) …. King Single (107 x 203cm)
Cot (69 x 131cm) …. Wider Cot (75 x 131cm)

Futon mattresses have approx. 20cm side walls.
Cot futons approx. 10 cm side walls.

Futon Covers

We always recommend that you use an Organature ‘Org-Suede Flannel’, machine washable,  mattress protector. They are really easy to fit and are designed exactly the same as a fitted sheet and come in all the above sizes.

The Futon Base

To allow for proper breathing the futon mattress should always be placed on a slat bed base.

Australian hardwood Futon base

All Organature futon and bed bases are supplied in a convenient flat pack which is very easy to assemble. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up completely – no nails no screws, no glue.

The wooden bed base is not varnished or painted to further help those with sensitivities and allergies, but should you wish to apply an organic varnish, we suggest you contact Livos.com.au

The timber slats should NOT be varnished or painted.

For increased effectiveness of the health benefits gained when using these certified organic products on a daily basis, we strongly recommend that you buy our natural timber slat bed base in conjunction with your organic cotton futon, which has been custom made from Australian plantation hardwood.

NO glues are used, and No fumigation processes have taken place.

WARNING – Please DO NOT USE imported timber and timber products (which are most likely fumigated) with your pure organic cotton futon. We also DO NOT recommend the use of pine due to the high content of terpenes (turpentine). DO NOT use chipboard, MDF or plywood either, or you are decreasing the chances of experiencing the real HEALTH BENEFITS associated with purchasing a pure organic cotton futon in the first place.

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