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Genuine Organic Beds For A Good Nights Sleep


The healthiest sleep you can have is on an Organature mattress – the only genuine *Organic Cotton Innerspring Mattress manufactured in Australia.

Made from the highest quality ingredients and in a clean safely controlled environment, you couldn’t ask for a better or healthier bed to wake up in.

The essential foundation of all our Organature mattresses is pure *100% Certified Organic Cotton fabrics and filling.

*Organic Flannel Fabric Covering On Mattress Certified By CU, No 806967

Organic Cotton Filled Innerspring Mattresses In All Sizes


Inside the adult size mattress is a ‘Bonnell’ hourglass spring which has been covered with Organatures’ exclusive ‘Org-Suede Flannel’ certified organic cotton fabric which has ‘Control Union’ certification.

The fabric is then generously covered with many layers of soft Certified Organic Cotton wadding and encased in our special ‘Org-Suede Flannel’, creating a medium firm yet comfortable mattress for a healthy and relaxing nights sleep.

Mattresses, mattress protectors and bed bases are sold in a range of sizes to suit every member of the family.

From the large king and queen sized beds to the smallest bassinet and cot size, and everything in between. Special sizes may also be ordered by request.

(See below for a full list of sizes and measurements).

Mattress Filling

Many layers of soft carded cotton wadding are placed all over and on each side of the innerspring mattress which creates a firm and healthy support for your back.

Mattress Sizes

Single (91 x 190cm) …. Double (137 x 190cm)
Queen (152 x 203cm) …. King (183 x 203cm)
Single Long (91 x 203cm) …. King Single (107 x 203cm)
Cot (69 x 131cm) …. Wider Cot (75 x 131cm)

Innerspring mattresses have approx. 23cm side walls.
Cot innerspring mattresses have approx. 12cm side walls.

Special Size Mattresses

Special Sizes can be made to order. CONTACT US for further details. If you have your measurements handy, we’ll be happy to give you a quote.

The Best Slat Bed Base For Your Mattress

Australian hardwood Futon base

To allow for proper air circulation and to prevent mould and mildew forming, your organic cotton mattress should always be placed on a good quality slat bed base.

All Organature mattress and bed bases are supplied in a convenient flat pack which is very easy to assemble. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up completely – no nails no screws, no glue.

The wooden bed base is not varnished or painted to further protect those with sensitivities and allergies, but should you wish to apply an organic varnish, we suggest that you contact

The slats should NOT be varnished or painted.

For increased effectiveness of the health benefits gained when using these certified organic products on a daily basis, we strongly recommend that you buy our natural timber slat bed base in conjunction with your organic cotton mattress, which has been custom made from Australian plantation hardwood.

NO glues are used, and No fumigation processes have taken place.

WARNING – Please DO NOT USE imported timber and timber products (which are most likely fumigated) with your pure organic cotton mattress. We also DO NOT recommend the use of pine due to the high content of terpenes (turpentine). DO NOT use chipboard, MDF or plywood either, or you are decreasing the chances of experiencing the real HEALTH BENEFITS associated with purchasing a pure organic cotton mattress in the first place.

Mattress Protectors

Made from Organature’s exclusive Organic “Org-Suede” Flannel, our healthy, hygienic and easily laundered MATTRESS PROTECTORS are made in the fitted style just like a fitted sheet.

Highly recommended to preserve the life of your Organic mattress, the protector is also a useful stand alone product when an organic mattress is not available.

    Available in sizes;


    Also in Cot and Bassinette sizes (see Nursery)

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