Pillows And Pillow Protectors

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The essential ingredient in an Organature PILLOW is pure all Australian organic cotton which is grown without the use of harmful synthetic chemicals to fertilize the crop, control plant growth or fight pests.

Manufactured in a clean environment and covered in our natural Aus-Satin Poplin, the pillow is available in the following sizes;

    STANDARD FILL – this is our most popular pillow for a comfortable, healthy nights sleep. Measuring 45×70 cm and filled with approx 700 gram.

    HI-LOFT – for those who prefer a slightly higher, firmer pillow. Measuring 45 x 70 cm and filled with approx 900 gram.

    COT/TRAVEL – a smaller pillow, ideal for baby’s cot or for travelling in comfort. Measuring 37 x 58 cm and filled with approx 200 gram.

    EUROPE – ideal for sitting up in bed reading or for an extra couch cushion. Measuring 60 x 60 and filled with approx 1100 gram.

Pillow Protectors

Our PILLOW PROTECTORS are made in Australia from Organature’s exclusive Org-Suede Flannel fabric giving good protection for your Organature pillow.

Made totally from Organic cotton, our pillows do not create the excessive sweating endured when sleeping on a synthetic pillow, However there can always be those accidental spills and the use of our pillow protectors, which may be washed and aired frequently, will help prolong the life of your healthy pillow purchase.

    Available in the following sizes;