Quilts And Quilt Covers

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Our gorgeous QUILTS are made from all Australian grown Organic cotton. What could be healthier for you and your family than a good nights rest under an Organature Organic cotton quilt.

    Quilts are available in two warmth weights –

  • WINTER 460 gsm (grams per square metre)
  • SUMMER 240 gsm (grams per square metre)
  • Also available in the following sizes –

  • KING
  • COT

Quilt Covers

Our delightful QUILT COVERS are available in a range of different fabrics and fashion colours to suit those wanting more choices and a more stylish look.

    Aus-Satin Poplin – Fabric woven from Australian grown organic cotton, natural in colour, no bleaches or dyes are used.

    Org-Satin Poplin – Oxy Bleached White also low impact dyed Pink, Blue and Green.

    Org-Sateen – Burgundy, Copper, Dark Purple – these three deep colours use environmentally friendly, low impact dyes.

    Org-Suede Flannel – a soft brushed suede fabric, ideal winter weight, natural in colour, no bleaches or dyes are used.

    Org-Denim – fondly called ‘bed jeans’ this heavy duty, dark blue Organic Cotton Denim provides a stylish bedroom alternative for the young and the young at heart.