The Colour Of Our Products

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Organic certification allows certain biodegradable, low impact dyes to be used when producing fabrics. This certification allows oxy, hydrogen peroxide bleach to provide the whiteness to the fabrics. ‘Ultra White’ chemical is NOT used on our fabrics.


Some chemicals and chlorine bleach in non-organic textiles cause the fabrics to stiffen, and then additional chemicals must be used to soften them. These chemicals are like the ultra-violet rays of the sun and can reduce the quality of the cotton fibre and shorten its’ life span.

Organature avoid as many additives as possible. We believe the bedroom should have a ‘CLEAN’ atmosphere and therefore provide you with organic, ‘SUSTAINABLE TEXTILE PRODUCTS’ for your bedroom, nursery, bathroom, sewing room and wardrobe.

Most of our bedroom, bathroom and nursery products are made from fabrics which have NOT been dyed or bleached.

Organic Cotton Processing gives the fabrics the distinct ‘NATURAL’ colour. This natural colour can vary slightly from batch to batch and can even vary throughout a roll of fabric. This serves to add to its’ uniqueness.

For those who like to have white or enjoy seeing a bit of colour in their bedroom, we have introduced oxygen bleached and SAFELY dyed bedlinen to our range.