Why Choose An Organic Cotton Mattress?

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NATURAL FIBRE – Cotton is a natural fibre that resonates harmoniously with our bodies. The same cannot be said for latex, foam and other synthetic fabrics. When we surround ourselves with organic cotton, we function, and sleep, at our optimum.


CHEMICAL FREE – Conventional Cotton has been saturated with chemicals. These chemicals are poisonous to the human system and many of them are activiated to outgas by bodily heat.

NO FIRE RETARDANTS – Conventional mattresses are made from synthetic materials which may be protected against fire by a range of substances such as formaldehyde – a known carcinogen. Organic Cotton Mattresses do NOT contain these chemicals.

NATURAL ODOUR – Conventional synthetic and non-organic cotton mattresses give off an odour. This is the odour of synthetic chemicals – just as you will find in new cars and carpet. While this odour subsides over a period of time, it never completely goes away. These chemicals when heated by our body, cause the chemical to outgas, which we inhale. Organic cotton has a very subtle, natural odour which is completely harmless and subsides quickly.

HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS – Matter is energy. Petrochemical materials and conventional cotton with a mindset geared to profit, without care for environment and our health. The growing and processing of Organic Cotton requires care and a life-honouring approach at every step.


HYPO-ALLERGENIC – Organic Cotton is neutral and ideal for those with Allergies, Chemical Sensitivities and Asthmatic tendencies.

THEY BREATHE – Organic cotton mattresses have excellent wicking qualities, absorbing moisture at night and disssipating it by day, which is aided by the air circulation through the springs.

GIVE YOUR FAMILY A BETTER NIGHTS SLEEP – The health benefits that people feel once they have decided to ‘go organic’ are usually very noticeable. When combined with an organic cotton mattress protector, attractive and stylish natural organic cotton bed linen, fluffy organic cotton pillows, a warm organic quilt and a soft cotton blanket or rug, the chances of feeling noticeable health benefits are even higher … babies tend to sleep better, children tend to sleep soundly, allergy sufferers tend to wake feeling better, and you’ll tend to have a good sleep too.